RevJet now available directly to mobile publishers

RevJet now available directly to mobile publishers

We are thrilled to announce today that LifeStreet’s industry-leading self-service social monetization portal is now available directly to mobile developers. The powerful ad monetization platform long-used by more than 3500 Facebook developers to help them turn apps into millions of dollars in ad inventory can now be used by mobile developers seeking to monetize their apps.

LifeStreet has paid out more than $150 million in ad inventory to publishers. With this powerful monetization tool, mobile app developers can turn their display inventory into ad revenue and receive payments within 15 days — all in a self-service way, without ever having to pick up a phone.

Developers get to choose how to work with LifeStreet: depending on the developers’ previous technology investments, they can download LifeStreet’s software development kit (SDK) or directly link to the major industry mediators and exchanges, such as MoPub, AdMob and Burstly. Leveraging the simple set up, developers can deploy ads within minutes without modifying their underlying code. This allows developers to focus on their core business — making great apps — while quickly and seamlessly monetizing their offerings.

According to LifeStreet CEO Mitchell Weisman, “As the long-time leading ad provider for Facebook app developers, LifeStreet is a developer’s best friend. We provide developers with excellent monetization and the fastest payments in the industry.   In addition, we believe that developers should get to decide how to run their businesses, whether that means connecting to LifeStreet with an SDK or opting for an easy integration through a leading mediator like MoPub. Today, with the launch of our new mobile self-service portal, we hand the monetization power of the RevJet platform directly to mobile developers. Finally, mobile developers truly can make money –- lots of it –- through highly effective display advertising.”

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