Summertime fun: let the marketoons begin!

Summertime fun: let the marketoons begin!

Summer is here, so let’s lighten things up. In partnership with Tom Fishburne at Marketoon Studios, LifeStreet created a series of marketing cartoons, or “marketoons,” to highlight some of the challenges, opportunities and absurdities associated with mobile and social advertising and monetization.

To kick off the series, we wanted to address one of the fundamental challenges inherent in the mobile ecosystem: monetization. With more than 1.5 million iOS and Android apps as competition, it’s tough for app publishers to monetize successfully, and even tougher to do so without distracting heavily from their core business of making great apps. This week’s marketoon highlights some of those challenges.

For some useful suggestions about how to tackle these challenges, check out this VentureBeat article in which LifeStreet VP of Business Development Adam Landis outlines three major monetization challenges – as well as strategies for solving them.

Then check back here every other week for the next 10 weeks as we unveil additional marketoons for some summertime thought and fun.


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